Tip 3: Achieving Success Everyday

Focus on your Objective

Majority of agents are worried about competition and always wondering what everyone else is doing and only thinking about prospecting.

The ones that are crushing it are the ones who aren’t thinking of the competition and are customer obsessed. These agents are 100% focused on how they can meet a customer’s unmet, unidentified and unsatisfied needs.

They know that it is all about the service they provide.

Be the best in the business, set the quality of your service so high that the competition can’t even imagine reaching it.

Tip 2: Achieving Success Everyday

Work in the moment

The success of a real estate agent is determined in the moment, working one day at a time. Which is why setting yourself a daily goal is so important and helps you keep reaching your listing targets.

Have a goal of 3 appointments a day, focus on achieving that goal every day. If you can’t reach that goal, keep working so that the next day you will be able to achieve it in addition to making up for the previous day.

3 appointments a day.

Will results in 15 a week.

60 a month.

720 a year.

Thinking of the total number of appointments a year will make it seem an unachievable goal. Break it down and focus on nailing each day instead. When you break down any unachievable goal you will find working on it in manageable chunks won’t be so daunting.

Imagine what you can do with 720 appointments.

Tip 1: Achieving Success Everyday

How to avoid wasting your time

Everyday we want to leave work knowing it wasn’t a complete waste of time, I don’t need to explain why sitting there, twiddling your thumbs isn’t going to help. Which is why having a routine, to-do list and goals to accomplish every day is instrumental to success.

Routine: Work in 45-minute sessions in everything you do. Our day is always going to be filled with distractions, but being 100% focused for blocks of time will skyrocket your efficiency.
To-Do List: The issue with most people’s to-do list is it’s an A4 page long. Be realistic about what you can do in a day, most realistic to-do lists can fill a sticky note. If you complete it too quickly, use this extra time to either reconnect with your network, organise your area or figure out ways to optimise your process to make your job easier in the future.

Tip 5: Business Marketing Basics

Welcome to the final tip of this series. It is the simplest tip, but it’s easily the most important.

Tip 5: Correct Grammar and Punctuation

As a result of the growth of social media and digital communication, we now primarily communicate via written messages. Which now means there is an increased need for proficient writing skills to attract and keep readers.

Not only this but using proper grammar and punctuation is important as it reflects on the writer and the business he/she is representing. You want to make sure you come across as a professional, and any new reader needs to have a good first impression of you.

As for return readers, they are more likely to trust some who continually communicates clearly and correctly. You don’t want to create confusion and leave your audience guessing what you are trying to say due to grammatical mistakes.

It’s the difference between “Let’s eat grandma!” and “Let’s eat, grandma!”. Punctuation saves lives!

Tip 4: Business Marketing Basics

So far, we have looked at what to send (Tip 1: Create A Blog), when to send it (Tip 2: Schedule your marketing) and how to send it (Tip 3: Use an Emailing Services and Templates). But there is no point to all of this unless you know whom to send it to. This brings us to tip 4.

Tip 4: Creating an email database

You’d already have a list of buyers, sellers or people who have attended your open home. Use these contacts to start your mail list and sort them by first name, last name, partner’s first name, partner’s last name, email, phone number and lastly allocate these contacts a tag (potential buyer, seller, etc.).

With this set up you can segment these contacts and, for example, send buyers one email and sellers another, each with specific contact relevant to them.

To further build this list, continually add contacts you encounter, create a form on your website for subscribers, add a share button to emails and a link on social media posts to this form.

Tip 3: Business Marketing Basics

Last week we talked about scheduling your articles and sending them out via email. Now it’s a bit tiresome to send out emails to a person at a time out of your outlook or browser; they also don’t look exciting to read.

Tip 3: Use an Emailing Services and Templates

There are a couple of platforms out there that allow you to send marketing emails to a database of emails, in one go. Some of the top ones for starting out are MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Active Campaign.

Using one of these services is essential for anyone serious about their marketing. They allow you to manage your mailing list, create good looking emails through their email creators, personalization through tags and simple tracking and analytics.

Most importantly they aid in making sure your emails don’t end up as spam. This happens when you repeatedly send bulk emails from your yahoo, google and outlook accounts. You could then have your email address shut down by your email or internet service provider for spamming practices.

As you can guess, that would be bad for business.

I would suggest getting started with MailChimp as they offer a free plan that allows you to send 12,000 to 2,000 subscribers in a month. They offer support via email, live chat and a knowledge database of videos and how-to-does to get you started.

Tip 1: Business Marketing Basics

We have had a huge interaction with our previous Facebook Tip Series and a lot of you have come back and wanted to know more about implementation and management of a company’s marketing and creating a structured plan of attack.

Well, we listened, and I am here to give you some tips on marketing basics. While there are so many areas to dive into from scheduling to aesthetics, I’ll pick my top 5 that tend to be overlooked.

Tip 1: Create A Blog

There are 100 ways blogs can be beneficial to you and your business.

  1. An active website that is regularly updated ranks higher on Google.
  2. It demonstrates that you are a real estate industry expert and people need you and your knowledge to buy their first home or to sell their current home.
  3. It keeps you active and continually learning. By researching and writing you will gain more knowledge about the real estate industry, therefore making you a better real estate agent

There are more, but those 3 should have convinced you.

Now your blog can consist of a variety of posts, from industry related articles to updates on your listings. It can be anything you see can as useful to your current and prospective clients. Some examples can be your city’s hottest suburbs for investment properties, a list of must-haves for first buyers or a property you have just listed, or just sold.

Keep these articles short and sweet, 100 – 200 words is a good target. Otherwise, people will see them as too long and not even read them. If you removed the introduction, this article is 225 words and looks a little long right?

Start researching and writing, because next week my tip is going to be centred on what to do with your articles once they have been written.

Tip 5: 5 Facebook Ad tactics to boost business

Although Facebook is a massive social media platform, it is not the only useful one.

Tip 5: Branch out to other platforms

I’m sure you have heard of Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn before, but did you know all these have their own advertising platforms?

The same principles from the past 4 tips apply to each social media platform enabling you to extend your reach and interact with a larger audience.

Tip 4: 5 Facebook Ad tactics to boost business

Succeeding as a Real Estate Agent is as much attributed to your ability to sell homes as it is to your ability to sell yourself.

Tip 4: Use videos to create engagement

Videos are an incredible storytelling tool and can work two-fold.

1. They can show your character and charm to engage viewers and give them an opportunity to get to know you.

2. They can display your property and give a real sense of living in that home. It goes without saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” and video is taking that to the next level.

Hint: Keep your videos under 2 minutes as this is the optimal video length. Any longer and people will get bored.

Tip 2: 5 Facebook Ad tactics to boost business

Ever wondered how it’s possible for you to be online shopping and suddenly Facebook is displaying ads for that exact product in your newsfeed?

Imagine if a potential buyer viewed a property from your website or profile and when they left your site they were reminded of that property. It’s creepy, but that’s the power of Facebook Dynamic Ads.

Tip 2: Re-market to property viewers through Facebook Dynamic Ads

By re-marketing your property with Dynamic Ads, the property and information they showed a direct interest in can now be viewed on their Facebook News Feed.

This will save agents from making dozens of ads for all their property listings and wasting precious budget when they can cost-effectively target interested prospects via individual Dynamic Ads.

Click here for the step-by-step process and scroll until you see “4 Easy Steps to Setting Up Facebook Dynamic Product Ads” and follow those instructions. It is a slightly difficult process, so you might need to ask for help from your web developer or a code-savvy digital marketer.