Tip 2: Achieving Success Everyday

Work in the moment

The success of a real estate agent is determined in the moment, working one day at a time. Which is why setting yourself a daily goal is so important and helps you keep reaching your listing targets.

Have a goal of 3 appointments a day, focus on achieving that goal every day. If you can’t reach that goal, keep working so that the next day you will be able to achieve it in addition to making up for the previous day.

3 appointments a day.

Will results in 15 a week.

60 a month.

720 a year.

Thinking of the total number of appointments a year will make it seem an unachievable goal. Break it down and focus on nailing each day instead. When you break down any unachievable goal you will find working on it in manageable chunks won’t be so daunting.

Imagine what you can do with 720 appointments.