Tip 3: How To Manage Your Day

You might notice a theme appearing, managing your day to day work life is built on a foundation of how you work. If you understand how you work, your routine will be more efficient enabling you to get better results, to get more done and fundamentally be happier.

If your still having trouble understanding how you work maybe this tip will help.

Tip 3: Take a step back… seriously

When was the last time you huddled with your team and discussed how you worked? Aside from an occasional annual or bi-annually meeting, not many of us meet to discuss this.

Why? We are usually all too busy working to take pause and make some changes on how we are working. I’ve never seen a sports team without a huddle, yet we’ll continue working with clients and colleagues for months – if not years – without taking a step back, taking stock and making improvements to our system.

This is even harder to do as individuals we never have meetings with ourselves.

Over time the biggest problem that emerges is when routine sets in, bad habits creep in without us realising.

Work in the real estate industry is always going to be busy, you’ve got houses to sell, targets to meet, commission to earn. However take the time, get your team or yourself to set down and brainstorm what are the difficult or problematic parts of your job.

Then think about ways to improve these parts, no idea is stupid and no idea can’t be logically solved (teleportation doesn’t exist so you can’t suggest that when you have to many open homes).