Are your courses nationally accredited and recognised?

Yes! National Real Estate Learning is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO #40998) delivering nationally accredited courses in real estate across Australia. You can find our more information by visiting

Why should I choose National Real Estate Learning?

NREL is a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation delivering high quality, online real estate courses (RTO #40998).

NREL fastrack online courses are the quickest, most cost effective way to obtain your real estate qualification in Australia.

There is plenty of support available for you. You can contact our assessing team throughout the course via our online ticketing system.

NREL’s interactive online web-based platform means that you can use most mobile devices (that can connect to the internet) to access the training platform and learning materials.

NREL uses the most up-to-date training methods and technology for course delivery. Our trainers and assessors are current industry professionals and continuously update learning content to reflect current industry standards and legislation.

NREL offers self-paced learning and allows students the flexibility to study anywhere, at anytime.

Online versus classroom training - Which should I choose?

Online training gives you the freedom and flexibility to study in a way that suits your current life/work balance. NREL provides an online training environment that is similar to being in class, without the inconvenience of taking time off work.

What style of training you choose is dependent on your learning style. In-class training does allow students to interact face-to-face with a trainer however this service is virtually available to students via NREL’s online message board system.

What if I really need help with the assessment questions?

We are here to help you throughout the course. Our assessors are available to answer any questions you have via our online ticketing system. If you are struggling with a question or the course content, an assessor will be able to point you in the right direction. The course is competency based so you will need to complete the coursework independently as much as possible. There is no in-class training involved so students will need to study the learning materials and answer the assessment questions based on their comprehension.

Can I use my certificate or licence in another state or territory?

Each state has their own training requirements so you cannot automatically work interstate. You may be able to apply for mutual recognition but you will need to contact the Government office of the state you wish to transfer through to for further information regarding their requirements.

ACT   –


NT    –


SA   –



WA –

Are there any pre-course requirements?

Although there are no prerequisites to enrol into our courses, we recommend you contact the Office of Fair Trading (NSW & QLD) or Consumer Affairs (VIC) to determine whether you are eligible to have your application approved once your course is completed. Eligibility criteria may include:

  • be 18 years or over (you can be under 18 to complete courses however)
  • be a suitable person
  • have completed the required training units through a registered training organisation for your desired qualification (Registration Certificate Vs Full Licence)
  • unfortunately, we are not Cricos Registered and are therefore unable to enrol people in Australia on a Student Visa

How can I view NREL’s policies?

To view our policies, please see NREL’s Student Handbook. We recommend you take the time to read through this information before enrolling into a course.

How long do I have to complete my course?

Each course has a different allocated time frame to complete it in. See below for your course and its allocated time frame.


Residential Letting Agents Course: 1st August 2021
Registration Certificate course: 1st August 2021
Upgrade to Full Licence course: 1st August 2021
Full Agent Licence course: 1st August 2021


Assistant Agent: 6 months
Upgrade to Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice: 12 months
Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice: 12 months
Certificate IV Property Services: 1st August 2021


Agents Representative course: 1st August 2021
Upgrade to Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate): 1st August 2021
Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate): 1st August 2021

What is my Unique Student Identifier (USI)?

Before you get started, you will need to know your Unique Student Identifier or USI. The USI is a unique number issued by the Australian government and allocated to you to keep track of all your nationally recognised training activities. It is a requirement that we collect this information during registration so your courses with NREL can be added to your training record.

Creating a USI is free. It creates a secure online record of your nationally recognised training that you can access anytime and anywhere, and it’s your for life. If you don’t have a USI, or have forgotten your USI, please click here to register or recover it. You will not be able to commence your training until you have provided your USI.

How is the course graded?

All real estate courses are competency based. It is crucial that you read through all the learning materials and take the time to fully comprehend the units of competency you are studying. You will then need to answer the assessment questions and complete tasks based on your understanding of the learning materials. The assessing team is available to help you if you get stuck on something however you will need to complete the bulk of the assessments independently.

What if I submit an incorrect answer?

If your assessment is graded ‘Not Satisfactory’ then you are able to resubmit your work at no extra cost.

How quickly will my work be graded?

While you are completing the course, your work will be graded by the assessors depending on which unit of competency they are currently grading e.g. – if you submit a unit on a Monday night and the assessors are grading that unit of competency on the Tuesday then your will be graded. However, if you submit your assessment on a Monday night and the assessors graded that unit previously that day, your assessment will be graded the next time they are grading that particular unit.  Please note that the time taken to grade your work as you submit will vary and there are no set time limits for this.

Once you have completed the entire course and activated your grading (as per the instructions in your course), all of your assessments will be graded within 7 business days. Alternatively, you can purchase priority grading to speed up this process.

Can I enrol as an international student?

Unfortunately we are NOT CRICOS registered and cannot accept enrolments from people on International Student Visas.