How To Respond To Your Reviews – Tip 1

We all get public reviews from time to time and they can be either good or bad. Knowing how to address these reviews can mean the difference between a returning client and one who spreads their bad opinion of you.

The most important rule for responding to your reviews is to respond the same way you would if you received that feedback in person.

Always start with a thank you and remember any type of feedback is good and can help you become better.

Next, respond by acknowledging their feedback and how you will take it on board. Your main focus is to improve as a Real Estate Agent and this means being open and polite to suggestions.

With a positive review, you could potentially gain a client for life and reap return or referred business. Keep in contact with this client and nurture your rapport.

If the review is negative, reach out and see if you can recover your relationship with them. This might include a simple chat over coffee, or it might be 12-month nurture. Whichever way it is, it’s better to have attempted to sway that client’s opinion of you rather then letting them freely spread the bad review.

Never leave a review, good or bad, unanswered.