Tip 2: How To Manage Your Day

Carrying on from our previous tip where we discussed working proactively instead of reactively. Our next tip looks into how best to proactively work.

Tip 2: Building a schedule around your rhythm

Every day we have a rhythm to our energy levels, some parts of our day we have a higher level of mental alertness. Notice when you seem to have the most energy during the day and dedicate those times to your proactive work instead of the reactive work.

Proactive work can be optimizing your workflow to be more efficient or upgrading your marketing or personal brand, in either case it involves a large amount of creativity. For most people this type of work usually takes the most energy out of us.

Which goes back to proactive work first, reactive work second. We don’t want to try being creative after our brain has slowed down and is numbed by the mundane pile of emails and messages you just responded to.

This will be difficult when you get a message beginning with “I sent you an email an hour ago…!”. There will always be a bunch of people waiting for you to get back to them, while don’t see this as an excuse to not respond because you will. But think of this as a way to optimize your time and work more effectively based on how your body and mind works.