Should Your Vendors Move Out While You Sell Their Home?

It’s a common question vendors ask Real Estate Agents as they prepare to sell their home.

“Should I move out while my home is on the market?”

Although some vendors aren’t in a position to move out during the selling campaign, it’s a preferable option.

Why? For access and presentation.

Your buyers will have a better chance to envision the property as their own if all personal items (i.e. photos or pets) are removed during the weeks the property is on the market.

Some people can be flexible and work around inspection times, while those with busy schedules may find it harder.

As an agent, it’s comforting to know you can access the home at any time and know it will be clean, tidy and presentable. It helps bring more buyers through the door.

If you have a vendor who is prepared to move out while the property is on the market, take notes on how often you accessed the property and how many buyers you walked through the property outside the scheduled open home times.

Did it benefit your selling campaign? If you can answer yes, present the results as a success in your listing presentation.