Must Haves For An Investment Property

We all know by now that investment properties are a clever way to build wealth for your future. So we have put together a list of essentials to ensure your property stands out and stays in-demand and in rewards continual capital growth.

Features That Are Everlasting

You can always add a new kitchen, pool or complete a renovation to add value to your property. Still unchangeable features need to be a focus. This includes the property’s land size, position on the street and on the block.


Being in a popular suburb is important. However, choose a specific pocket of the suburb to buy in. Pick a street with similar property types, as buying next to a development site may affect your property’s capital growth.

Allocated Car Park

We have all at some stage battled for a car park, be it in the street or in a car park. It can be advantageous if your investment property has allocated car parks.

A level of Rarity

If there is a demand for a specific type of property, there won’t be many of those properties left available. The rarer a property type is the higher the capital growth. If you are able to land one, it can be a recipe for success.