Can You Sell A Home Via Snapchat?

If you are wanting to know the short answer, it’s yes. A Victorian specialist from LJ Hooker, Zed Nasheet has managed to sell a property using nothing but the social media app Snapchat.

As technology becomes easier to access and manage, Real Estate Agents, like Zed, are starting to test their boundaries to help them sell their listed properties faster.

All it took was a snapchat giving details on his newly listed property and 15 mins later he had a potential buyer enquiring. That buyer went on to put down a $2,000 deposit.

There was nothing particularly unique about this property. It was a standard three-bedroom, one bathroom home with a large backyard and an opportunity to subdivide listed for $550,000 and the video wasn’t blindingly special, Zed said on average he gets 600 – 700 views on his snapchat videos but this one only getting 50.

The idea behind using Snapchat is it depicts an almost personal digital tour of the property. You should still do a professional tour for your listing, but this way potential buyers can see you, your personality and the home through a clear, unedited and unfiltered lens.