6 Tips To Help You Sell Faster

Finding a property to sell is the easy bit, right? Finding the right buyer and selling it for the desired price is where it gets tricky.

Many agents let the market take over, which can result in the property remaining on the market longer than it has to. Giving your vendors the following 6 tips before the ‘For Sale’ sign is hammered into the front lawn will give you and your vendors the best possible outcome.

  1. Get organised. Remove all personal items and ensure trinkets and dust collecting items are fresh and clean.
  2. Style: Freshen up the property with some coloured cushions or prints – you can take them all with you when you go too!
  3. Greenery: If you can’t manage to keep a plant alive, fresh flowers in the kitchen or dining room will do.
  4. Outdoors: Ensure gutters are clean and hedges are trimmed.
  5. Property Stylist: If the vendors don’t have time to re-style their house, suggest a professional service to do it for them! A low cost investment for a better result.
  6. Inspection days: Turn the lights on, light fresh candles and buy fresh flowers. Let the buyers imagine your home as theirs.

Remember, communication is key during the listing and selling process. Your vendors will appreciate your transparency when selling their biggest asset. Good luck!