Tip 1: Business Marketing Basics

We have had a huge interaction with our previous Facebook Tip Series and a lot of you have come back and wanted to know more about implementation and management of a company’s marketing and creating a structured plan of attack.

Well, we listened, and I am here to give you some tips on marketing basics. While there are so many areas to dive into from scheduling to aesthetics, I’ll pick my top 5 that tend to be overlooked.

Tip 1: Create A Blog

There are 100 ways blogs can be beneficial to you and your business.

  1. An active website that is regularly updated ranks higher on Google.
  2. It demonstrates that you are a real estate industry expert and people need you and your knowledge to buy their first home or to sell their current home.
  3. It keeps you active and continually learning. By researching and writing you will gain more knowledge about the real estate industry, therefore making you a better real estate agent

There are more, but those 3 should have convinced you.

Now your blog can consist of a variety of posts, from industry related articles to updates on your listings. It can be anything you see can as useful to your current and prospective clients. Some examples can be your city’s hottest suburbs for investment properties, a list of must-haves for first buyers or a property you have just listed, or just sold.

Keep these articles short and sweet, 100 – 200 words is a good target. Otherwise, people will see them as too long and not even read them. If you removed the introduction, this article is 225 words and looks a little long right?

Start researching and writing, because next week my tip is going to be centred on what to do with your articles once they have been written.