Tip 4: Business Marketing Basics

So far, we have looked at what to send (Tip 1: Create A Blog), when to send it (Tip 2: Schedule your marketing) and how to send it (Tip 3: Use an Emailing Services and Templates). But there is no point to all of this unless you know whom to send it to. This brings us to tip 4.

Tip 4: Creating an email database

You’d already have a list of buyers, sellers or people who have attended your open home. Use these contacts to start your mail list and sort them by first name, last name, partner’s first name, partner’s last name, email, phone number and lastly allocate these contacts a tag (potential buyer, seller, etc.).

With this set up you can segment these contacts and, for example, send buyers one email and sellers another, each with specific contact relevant to them.

To further build this list, continually add contacts you encounter, create a form on your website for subscribers, add a share button to emails and a link on social media posts to this form.