How To Maintain Positive Relationships With Your Vendors

Here’s the hottest 7 tips to ensure the relationship between you and the vendor remains a positive one.

  1. Trust: Remember trust is a two-way street, if you trust your vendor, they’ll likely trust you. Work on allowing trust to remain rock solid throughout the enter selling process and don’t give your vendors a reason not to trust you.
  2. Respect: As a trusted advisor, you will need to maintain mutual respect through all conversations and decisions. This will lead to positive, long-term relationships and referred business.
  3. Control: Whether you’ve sold 10 or 100 properties, your vendors want to be treated like your first or last customer, not just another one for the books. Take in what they suggest and be happy to incorporate anything that suits the selling campaign.
  4. Communication: As our world grows digitally, remain traditional with phone calls over text or email. Ensure your tone and message is communicated in the way it was intended.
  5. Commission: Be confident in what you can deliver as an agent. One doesn’t pay for a premium product without a premium price so ensure you deliver the service your vendor is paying for.
  6. Be punctual: We know your real estate schedule can be busy but this is no excuse to be late. Ensure your client feels valued, don’t half do a job and then rush off to half do another job.
  7. Honesty: Whether it be why you’re running late, or the potential price the vendors can achieve for their property – be honest.

Relationship management is the golden key in real estate. As a real estate agent, you’re client focussed and if you don’t maintain the core of your business, the results won’t show.