Can You Take a Course to Get Your Real Estate License Online?

To assess if it’s truly worth getting your real estate agent license online, you need to first understand several important points about the real-estate industry in Australia. Here we’ll examine the traditional career paths, job perks and what it really takes to work in this field. While classes to prepare you for this line of work do matter, you can get a good position in real estate without a college diploma if you get the right training.

First, what benefits can you expect if you become a real estate agent?

Typically, real-estate sales agents sell a variety range of properties and land. They also manage leasing deals for properties. According to recent statistics, Australia has more than 8,000 job openings in real estate; and the average salary in this field exceeds $74,000 annually. Better still, the Australian Government’s Department of Employment optimistically reported that the number of jobs in real estate could increase to 15,000 openings by 2018. Naturally, taking online classes in real estate with an accredited Australian company lets you study at your own pace and definitely boosts your chances of receiving a job.

How do you become a real estate agent?

Now that you’re typing in searches for “how to get my real estate license,” let’s first tackle the biggest point: In Australian real estate, relevant experience often matters more than education. Furthermore, every state in the country has slightly different laws about real-estate licensing procedures and practises; so you must ideally study and “apprentice yourself” in the same state in which you plan to work for your career.
It is worth getting your real estate license online because those with the right training are more likely to qualify for jobs at big agencies. However, sometimes highly motivated people do get lucky and find entry-level positions at boutique agencies where they provide full training; helping you get the right certifications and gradually get better positions within their company. Nevertheless, while starting jobs as a sales assistant in a real-estate agency are excellent opportunities, they aren’t very commonplace.

What kind of education do you need to become a real estate agent?

If you want to work selling real estate or managing properties, then you generally need an official certificate of registration. This is also referred to as an agent’s representative certificate, and only the state licensing authority issues these documents. Therefore, make sure that you choose a certification program that will provide you with these particular credentials; that will satisfy the requirements to work in real estate within your state.
In New South Wales and Queensland, you’ll need a certificate of registration course; and in Victoria, you need a course for the Agent’s Representative Certificate. Additionally, real-estate agents in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory requires you to complete annual classes in the official Australian Continuing Professional Development program; which you can only attend after receiving your certificate of registration and license.

Can you get a real estate license online?

It’s common these days to often hear the question “Can you take real estate courses online?” when we now have so many more increasing opportunities to take distance-learning courses; which are popular since this kind of education is easier to take when you have a full-time job or other responsibilities you can’t drop to go away to school. The good news is that, yes, several organisations have the proper qualifications that make learning online possible so that you can become certified at a cheaper cost. However, you may still need to attend certain workshops in person. We made a post on the advantages and disadvantages of online learning here.

What else do you need to start working in real estate after passing a certification program?

Check with the Business Licensing Authority in your state. For example, in Victoria, you need to be at least 18-years-old and show proof of your registered home address within Victoria state. Then after passing the Agent’s Representative Certificate course, you have to pass a police background check. Once a registered real-estate agency agrees to hire you; then they’ll give you an official “authority to act” form and a formal declaration of eligibility. These final steps happen after your employer registers you at the Business Licensing Authority.

What other skills or assets do real-estate employers look for when hiring?

  • Own a car registered under your name because you’ll need to commute quickly, sometimes with clients.
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills.
  • Dress well; your image must always appear fresh and professional.
  • Show high-level organisational skills.
  • Reference experiences working well on a team while also taking initiative when necessary.

After you have between two to four years of experience and have a portfolio of more than 100 properties; then top agencies will happily consider you for a promotion to the role of a Senior Property Manager, which pays significantly more.